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SecureBridge Instructions

Mobile Instructions

To make sure that you are able to see your provider, we need you to download the SecureBridge Application. Please use the same phone number and email that you provided to the clinic

You can either search your application store for "SecureBridge" and download, or you can use the links below to find the application in your Apple or Android device.


Google Play

  • Once the application is downloaded, click on "Sign Up"

  • Create username, password, and enter the SAME email address you provided to the clinic

    NOTE: The email address and/or phone number must be the same that you provided to the clinic to make sure our provider can see you.

    Clinic staff will reach out to help you sign necessary consent forms as well

  • Once your profile is set up, the clinic or the physician will reach out to start your appointment. The provider will start a text message conversation with you and then start the video call.

As a note, your application must be logged-in for you to receive the video call. If you get a phone call in the middle of the doctor visit, the video call will be paused, so please end your call and come back to the video visit.

If you do not have a smart phone or a device, then you can access through a desktop with a camera - please continue reading.

Desktop Instructions

If you do not have a smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android, then you can also sign up on your laptop or computer with a web camera.

  • Go to the SecureBridge Website and sign up.

    SecureBridge Website

  • Once you click "Sign up" you will be taken to another page where you will input your username, email, and password. The email and phone number you use MUST be the SAME email and number you provided to the clinic staff.

    The clinic staff will reach out to you and ask you to electronically sign or consent to services and provide instructions in the event the visit needs further care.